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Politically correct trying to sanitize Christmas
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am just wondering how long it would be politically correct to discredit the real meaning of Christmas if Christians would make a stand and refuse to do business with anyone who did not respect the Christian Christmas?

All Christmas shopping would be done in places that honored Christmas. All Christmas club savings would be done where Christmas was honored.

How long would the left-wing unions stand still for making Christmas a non-paid holiday saving money for those businesses who choose not to respect the real meaning of Christmas? How long would it be before it becomes politically correct not to celebrate the Fourth of July so as to not offend those immigrants who come to this country with love for their homeland? How long will it be before Easter is taken on as politically incorrect?

Then Christians could boycott those businesses during the spring. It seems that if that were the case retailers would have a real problem making their yearly budget with no Easter or Christmas.

 It seems that this issue of “politically correct” is used for making points with certain special interest groups. For example this battle over the “rich” having too much  seems to be completely forgotten when Sen. Reid wants to sneak through legislation legalizing on-line gambling limited to “only those casinos who have been in business for the past five years.”  Does anyone believe those casinos are not rich by Democrat Party standards? 

Does anyone not realize that those rich casinos contributed heavily to the Reid re-election campaign?   So just what does it take to become politically correct?   Just wondering.

 Jerry Johnson
Dec. 4, 2010