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Post Office addressing cluster box security elsewhere, why not here?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Below is an email I sent to Congressman Jeff Denham a couple days ago regarding the mailbox problem.  This problem has not gone away.  In late July, we had another act of theft on our community cluster box. 
One of my neighbors came home and found both doors on the box fully open.  He took a photo of it and showed me and other neighbors.  Like last year, we are now entering the period when the postal thefts from cluster boxes will increase due to the postal holidays and nothing has been done to prevent more thefts by the US Post Office. 
Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s district has taken action. The US Post Office is installing “high security” locks on all cluster boxes throughout Kern County.  I conveyed this information to your reporter Jason Campbell, the Manteca Postmaster (in person), the mayors of Manteca and Modesto, and had a lengthy discussion with US Postal Inspector Louis Martinez.  Nothing has been done to stop the theft of mail from Manteca or Modesto cluster boxes.
 Congressman McCarthy took action and now “high security” locks are being installed.  Why not Congressman Denham who appears to be ignoring the problem? He is position to contact the US Postmaster General in Washington to provide funds for the installation of high security locks throughout his district.  One would think a year would be sufficient to take action, but I guess the citizens of Manteca, Modesto, and surrounding area aren’t high enough on the politician’s priority list.
The email as written to Congressman Denham is as follows:
“Question:  What have you done to resolve our mail theft problem within your Congressional District.  Kern County is in the process of installing high security mail box locks on all cluster boxes in the county.  Congressman McCarthy was involved in pressing the US Postmaster General to take action.  So far, no action in Manteca, Modesto, or any of the surrounding area.
“I and each of my neighbors have lost mail to mail thieves who use one key to open every cluster box unit in Manteca.  One key to open every cluster box unit in Modesto.  Two or three keys to open every cluster box unit in Sacramento.  All smaller cities have one key systems only.  I and my neighbor have sent an email to your staff asking about this.  Zero response from your office.  I have also sent letters to the mayor of Modesto and Manteca.  Again no response. 
The mail theft season opens this month as people start putting together early mailed Christmas gifts and gift cards.  It will be in full swing by voting day in November.  Yet, nothing has been done.  I personally addressed this problem to the previous and current postmasters of Manteca.  They said no money to change the locks.  I also addressed this problem with the previous US Postal Inspector Austin Kern and his replacement Mack Gasden.  No changes.  We are now waiting for our cluster box to be robbed on a regular basis as happened in the past year. 
A solution, or partial solution is being installed in Congressman McCarthy’s district, why not yours?

Charles Walters