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Pray for fallen SEALs family
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I have to object to all of the people who are criticizing that poor widow of the fallen Navy SEAL for attending the President’s speech where he would also honor the sacrifice of her husband which is  the sacrifice of his entire family as well, including his wife and children.
How dare anyone, anyone judge and then criticize that poor woman!   What you or I might or might not do has absolutely no place in what she has done.  Do you have any idea what his widow was thinking or feeling that made her agree to attend the President’s speech and listen to his praise of her husband?  No?  Then how can you judge her?  Why do you judge her?  All you need to do is just be sympathetic to her very new loss.  The loss of her husband is very recent and, she is suddenly the head of her family and the only caretaker of their children.  What do you think your statements do to her and her family (which includes his family)?  What must they feel?  It is not our place to judge what she does and how she feels. 
The President honored her husband’s sacrifice — should she not have attended in his place? And you feel this way about the situation why — because you detest the President?  For that you hurt this young hero’s survivors?
Just shut up and pray for that man’s family.

Marie Evans