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President W. Bush was a great socialist
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Editor Manteca Bulletin,                                                            

  On May 15, a letter appeared in the Bulletin written by F. Aquila entitled “Communist Party sues Democrats on platform theft.”  Mr. Aquila states that a “Communist Party representative” Indicated that their party platform includes “government ownership of the auto and financial industries, redistribution of wealth, and free rationed health care…”

 A history lesson is obviously in order.

  It was in 2003 that President Bush, the great socialist, signed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act into law. At the time it was signed it was the biggest government health insurance entitlement increase since Medicare began.

  The Troubled Asset Relief Program or TARP was also instituted by the great socialist, President Bush, in 2008. It authorized up to 700 billion to bail out bank industry giants like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. In December 2008 the great socialist used his executive authority to authorize TARP to also be used to bail out auto manufacturers, after congress had refused to do so.   This action was loudly applauded by the socialist Auto Workers Union.

 This great socialist, W Bush Jr., doubled the federal budget, and outspent the LAST SIX presidents that preceded him.

 Let us not forget those other great socialist presidents, Comrades R. Reagan, and Bush Senior who, together, spent $160 billion of our tax dollars to bail out the savings and loan industry.

It appears that this income redistribution and government takeover of industry is being embraced by both of the large political properties.

 I hope that someday people like Mr. Aquila, and other radically partisan party members on both sides come to their senses.  We need to realize that all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are behaving and spending like drunken sailors.  Until we rise as one and demand better from our politicians our country‘s government will remain weakened and ineffective.

 P.S. I apologize to all Navy personnel, past and present, for the above metaphor. Comparing you to politicians is an insult to all of you.
John Morrisette
May 17, 2010