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Protest over CEO performance, not flag
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Every company of any importance has their own and unique logo. In the case of our country its logo is the Stars and Stripes, we call our flag.
Now if a manufacturer of a product like a washing machine or an automobile that is sub-standard we won’t patronize that company’s product. We have the option to exercise our right to avoid the product by not buying it. We are not focusing our displeasure on its logo, it’s on the product. That company might have produced very good quality products that were attractively priced and had an excellent history as being one of the best manufacturers in that type.
Now, when that company produces an inferior product that is not up to the usual standards, we won’t buy it, even though their previous products were all good quality/value.
We are not boycotting/disrespecting that cmpany’s logo, only its product.
President Donald Trump would like to lay the blame on those NFL players that have taken “the knee” and/or avoided participation in the pre-game, patriotic ceremonies as disrespecting our United States “Stars and Stripes”.
They, by demonstrating their displeasure of the performance the “CEO” of our country the (POTUS) has proven to be not up to the standards of that office and not of our flag, its logo. This has been going on since his inauguration.

Peter Letch