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Proud of Manteca’s response to beating
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I just wanted to add my voice in thanking the Manteca community for the outpouring of support for Mr. Singh, the victim of the vicious and unprovoked assault. 

Thanks also to all who aided our police department in identifying and apprehending those responsible in a timely manner. I am very proud of Manteca.

Now we must allow the criminal justice system to deal with these cowardly thugs, even as the investigation continues. Those of us who know our county District Attorney, Tori Salazar, assure all that this case will be prosecuted to the fullest extent and appropriate charges will be filed. And thanks to the news media, especially the Manteca Bulletin, for their coverage of this horrible crime. 

I also must applaud our Police Chief Jodie Estarziau and Mayor Steve DeBrum for their calm effective leadership.

Rich Silverman

Manteca City Council


Word ‘elderly’ doesn’t

reflect person’s vitality

Editor, Manteca Bulletin, 

I am “appalled” by Diane Van Wagner’s letter printed in The Bulletin on Aug. 8.  First of all Mrs. Van Wagner needs to look up at what age the medical profession classifies people as “elderly”.  It is not a reflection of someone’s vitality but rather an awareness of the problems that come with age.  Dennis Wyatt does not owe an apology for using that term.

More importantly I am “appalled” that after having read the article about the brutal attack on the Sikh gentleman that what “appalled” her to the point she had to write a letter was that he was referred to as “elderly”.  Perhaps Mrs. Van Wagner needs to reassess her priorities and values.

Sandra Ahrens


71-year-old gentleman

who was attacked is elderly

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I also live in Del Webb and I’m embarrassed for Diane Van Wagner. No response regarding the elderly (71) gentleman’s beating or outrage at the cowards who beat him. Get over it Diane. You too are elderly.

Mike Dooley


At a certain age

you are in fact ‘elderly’

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The response you received from our community, regarding the attack on Mr. Sahib Singh, was appropriate, with one exception. 

Mrs. Van Wagner made her response more about her and her husband than the gentleman who was attacked.  In our country, if you are considered a senior citizen and want all the perks and discounts that come with being a certain age, then, you are in fact “elderly.”  

Mrs. Van Wagner apparently did not consider the attack on Mr. Singh worthy of her sympathy and, instead, took offense to being called “elderly.”  Really?

Clarke Marek