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Purchase old winery for homeless shelter
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This is regarding the effort to clean up Library Park.

Why doesn’t the City of Manteca purchase the old winery on Oak Street that Mr. Valentine put some effort into to spiff up? It has plumbing and is big enough for cots to sleep as well as for a soup kitchen and coffee pot. 

Winter will be here soon then we will have the problem of those unfortunate individuals sleeping outdoors. 

Our wonderful town has a deficit and it manifests on Library Park. Single males have a bleak picture — no jobs with their only income being recyclable cans.

Many churches in town have recovery programs in place which can be valuable in providing counseling, friendly spots to explore what is available in our area in the valley

Yes, I know about drugs and alcohol and many behavior and psychological problems that some exhibit. We cannot sweep this under the rug. It will resurface again and again — People throwing themselves under the train and being found dead in the street and so forth.

Mary Metzler