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Put double yellow line from Main to 99
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Thank you for your fine editorial, “Carnage on the Bypass” in Wednesday’s paper.
 I agree with you that the majority of drivers have been there before and know the bottleneck conditions — and the effects of cutting in — and most want to do what right and safe. You call the people who cut in “jerks” and that’s being kind. Here is my suggestion. Make the lane stripping a double solid line from the Main Street overpass eastward and install some sort of barrier from the Main Street overpass eastward to prevent people from cutting in.
 If barriers are an obstacle because of money, install multiple cameras along the route to capture the license plates of those who cut in over the double line. Fine them accordingly, preferably lots of money, with the fine amount increasing for multiple citations for the same offense. Re-stripping the lane and putting up some warning signs could be done within several months at a relatively low cost. I read about Caltrans short term solutions with electronic signs, and it’s a start, but most are six months to a year out. How many lives will be lost and people hurt during the slow wait for these signs. The jerks won’t learn until they are involved in an “accident” or the fines hit them in the pocketbook.

John Vonhof