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Questions Hilary wont answer
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Some questions Hilary Clinton won’t answer.
Why did you violate the Federal Records Act, concealing government emails on a private server? Why did you obstruct justice – deleting over 32,000 emails, using bleach bit software to clean the server, and destroying 13 mobile devices with a hammer – all under FBI subpoena?
Why did you violate the Espionage Act? You lied to congress and the American people stating you had no classified information on your personal server when the FBI said you did.  You have endangered America and CIA informants around the world, including an Iranian nuclear scientist who was executed due to you being “extremely careless.”
Why did you use your position of Secretary of State as a “pay for play” to make deals for your own financial gain? You attempted to conceal the transactions made to the Clinton Foundations in correspondence of political favors, making millions.  You approved the sale of 20% of American uranium rights to Russia in return of millions to the Clinton Foundation.  This American uranium can be now used to make a nuclear bomb to kill Americans?  How do you feel that you have accepted millions from avowed terrorist nations?
If you claim to be a champion for women rights, why did you accept $35 million in donations from countries like Saudi Arabia where women have no rights?  What would be in these nations’ benefit for donating to you, trying to influence the election?
Why did you ignore their security requests of Americans in Benghazi, causing four Americans to die? Why did you lie to America and the families, blaming the attack on a You Tube video when your emails reveal you knew it was an Al-Queda attack? Your emails also revealed that you coordinated questions to be asked of you by Senator Menendez (D- NJ) in a congressional hearing. Isn’t that unethical?
Why would you put American lives at risk, allowing a 650% increase of refugees from known terrorist nations, where ISIS has admitted and infiltrated into the population to bring Jihad to America? Why would you risk putting American lives in danger?
Why do you encourage more illegal aliens to come to America when millions of American are struggling to find jobs, live on government welfare programs, and many of our veterans are homeless? Shouldn’t we respect the law and those who have come here legally? How do you feel about the additional burden on our national debt as it approaches $20 trillion?
Donald Trump has employed thousands of women and minorities. How many did you employ when you were in the private sector?
Do you regret your admiration of Margaret Sanger, who started Planned Parenthood and wanted the extermination of blacks and Hispanics, calling them “human weeds”?
One final question Hillary, do you want what is best for this country or do you just want what is best for yourself?

Frank Aquila