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Questions how city is building Woodward Ave.
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
When the properties along Woodward Avenue were subdivided years ago, they gave San Joaquin County 30 feet to be used to create 4 lanes and a center island.  The north and south sides of the road combined to provide 60 feet of right of way.
 A few years ago, the City of Manteca decided to reduce Woodward Avenue to 2 lanes and a center island west of Union Road.  While this seems like a positive update to those of us who live along Woodward, I can’t help but wonder why the north edge of the road remains unchanged and all of the land abandoned by the City has been given to the property owners on the south side of Woodward.  Not only has the city decided to give land taken from small property owners to large land developers on the south side of the road, but it also creates a future problem when the city takes even more property from us to build sidewalks.  Why doesn’t the City of Manteca take the land that it has abandoned from the 2 lanes and use it to build sidewalks and a nice bike path on both sides of the road instead of lining the pockets of their developer friends?

Bill Ludwig