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Questions level of security at post office
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After reading about the recent burglary of the Post Office on Industrial Drive, a few thoughts immediately came to mind concerning the facility’s security, or lack thereof.

The article made no mention of an alarm system, or lack thereof either.  I can’t help but wonder, was or is, an operational alarm system in place at this facility?  I can’t imagine that a government facility such as this wasn’t alarm-equipped considering the nature of its business and its location. Entry through a front window!  A 21-hour window of  unabated opportunity!  Had the thief or thieves known, they could have backed up a U-Haul to the front door and absconded with the entire contents of mail and furniture.  As a taxpayer I can only hope that our US Post Offices, at least this one, is being adequately protected from today’s “Low Lifers”.  If this facility wasn’t equipped with an alarm, that is inexcusable.  If it was, then what happened?   Maybe the alarm was set to “mute”.

William Loder
April 18, 2012