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Questions Mantecas downtown attitude
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

Have you been down Maple Avenue lately? In the last couple of days apparently the City of Manteca has had bark dumped in mounds over each and every burb and idiot planters! 

The City workers didn’t weed first and now they have smothered anything that was supposed to be growing in each burb and the extra mulch has blown all over the streets and into the gutters, which is going to cause major blockage in our sewer systems down the road! 

Is this how the City of Manteca really feels about our Downtown merchants and their patrons? The Roundabouts by Bass Pro are beautifully kept up, so why disgrace Downtown merchants in such blatant a manner? 

Carol Bone



(Editor’s note: The roundabouts by Bass Pro are on private property and are maintained by Poag & McEwen, owners of the shopping center.)