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Questions McDonalds commitment to kids safety
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I want it to be made known to the public that I was at McDonald’s in Manteca on two separate occasions with my two young children: Sam, age 4, and Olivia, age 3. This is the McDonald’s located off of Yosemite near the bowling alley.

On my first visit Sam, Olivia and I were in the play area when a guy opened the door to the play area and walked in. These doors are supposed to be locked! These are emergency exits and should not be accessible for those on the outside. A woman I was talking to noticed as well. We were both upset. At that time I went to the manager to complain. They had no idea that those doors were unlocked. They apologized and supposedly locked the doors.

Next visit to McDonald’s, I was with my mom and both children again. We were in the playroom, when I had to take my daughter to the bathroom. I left my mom with Sam and when I returned my mom was horrified. She said a man entered through the playroom door because it was unlocked. Again! And again I packed up the kids and mom and made my complaint. This is very disappointing. You think your kids are safe especially at McDonald’s, but I guess not. Chuck E Cheese here we come!

The manager at the time of the second complaint was understanding and apologetic but this wouldn’t bring back anyone’s kids had they been kidnapped. Do I really need to do their job and check those doors before we can relax and drink our coffee?
Gina M. Roos
Sept. 2, 2009