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Questions Woodward roundabout safety
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
First I would like to send my condolences to the Craigg family. Please accept our deepest sympathy. We feel your pain and we sincerely wish your family the best.
Second I would like to comment on the roundabout at Woodward Avenue and Al Fonseca Lane. I understand the need to slow traffic on Woodward Avenue. People do tend to have very heavy feet because it is a straight two-lane road with three major intersections with four-way stops.
Now the city throws in at least two roundabouts in what is a two block stretch of Woodward Avenue.
Here is where my understanding goes out the window,
Why are there two roundabouts within 100 feet of each other? Why does the first traffic calming roundabout consist of a few reflectors in the middle of a street that then has a four-way stop at the intersection?
With advanced warning signs in place and on the next block there is another roundabout which consists of a raised cement barrier I am guessing one to two feet high in the middle of the intersection with no stop signs. There are no advance warning signs and no reflectors and just some scribbled lines on the road. I believe we have a case of too much and too little. Explain that one.
I’ll tell you one thing: On a foggy day I won’t be driving on Woodward Avenue.

Barbara Ferreira