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Re-elect Zuber for Ripon council
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Leo Zuber has now served the Ripon Citizens for the past four years as one of your City Council Leaders.  He has proven himself as a tested and trusted civic leader on the Council during this period of time.
Over the past four years on the Council, Leo has been involved in key initiatives that have accomplished a number of things targeted to improve the quality of life in Ripon.  These actions have improved transparency of City Council decisions and business activities as well as building for a more financially sustainable general fund to support the needs of Ripon Citizens.  A few of those efforts are as follows:
uCity Council meeting agendas are now published online and in advance for those interested in following Council business activities.
uCity Council meetings reduced from twice to once a month to free up time for City Staff to devote their time to the day-to-day business activities most important to the citizens of Ripon.
uCouncil now setting aside 30% of carry-over General Funds to repair street and roads in the Community.  State funding is being reduced so this is a critical need within the City limits. 
uCompleted a comprehensive review of the City’s commercial developer fee schedule to make the fee structure competitive within the surrounding area so as to attract business growth where appropriate for the City.
uThe North Pointe Specific Plan has been put in place as a comprehensive plan for 300 acres of commercial and residential development.  This plan will provide new businesses a place to locate, provide local jobs and tax base to support City safety, fire and infrastructure needs and provide new residents access to quality housing options. 
Leo is a very capable and strategic minded civic leader.  His involvement in the Ripon City Council has provided a voice needed for constructive change and a vision for its future so that Ripon can continue to prosper as the community we all proudly call our Home. 
Leo is that trusted leader we need on the City Council for the next four years and we ask you to help re-elect Leo with your vote.

Dave and Kathy Withycombe