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Regional homeless approach needed
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It could be people in Manteca down on their luck are here from other towns like San Francisco are Modesto. They are running to each place until they are told to leave. 
After reading suggestions in the Bulletin we really don’t know what to do. 
When you are broke you panhandle and steal to eat. 
Donald Trump has part of the answer.  Fix this and then send money overseas if there is any left. The Manteca City Council should meet and construct a strong letter  to the cities around us and create a alliance and decide who is responsible and develop a fix that involves welfare departments and social service to answer who can work and provide section eight housing. 
There are mental problems of some homeless. Also check for vets and get them help.
I have to mention a problem here that is Jerry Brown’s problem and he knows it. It  is also the State of California’s problem and Sacramento knows this also.  The fact is some of these people you cannot help and we need to know who they are for safety reasons for kids.
This part of the letter is for the person pushing the cart with all his belonging in it crossing the street north of Walmart on Mission Ridge Drive.  A car passed me at about 65 mph just at the curve and almost hit him.  Homeless people need to be more careful and drivers need to slow down.
We need careful thinking and a strong response and fix this. And as The Don said — spend it here first.  

Lawrence W. Scrivner Jr.