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Republican party is doomed
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
“Knocked the ball out of the park” Manteca Councilman Rich Silverman says of Ken Vogel and Alan Nakanashi — two candidates seeking reelection to the California Legislature.
Sounds to me like a “snow job.” Silverman has praised these two men, who have collected fat checks from us taxpayers, long enough. It’s time a change — new leadership is needed. Perhaps Silverman should seek the office of State Assembly or State Senate — he would certainly be the king of the “snow ballers.”
With the election of a new president looming on the near horizon it is plain to see that the G.O.P. — the Grand Ole Republican Party — is doomed. With Hillary being elected, our next president and the Democrats are going to run this country with an iron fist. The Republicans will have to go back to the south and fly their confederate flags. As Hillary will be the boss, I hardly think that anyone is going to listen to the Silvermans of the world who strongly urge the taxpayers to vote for Ken Vogel or Alan Nakanishi. It’s time for a change — out with the old and in with the new.

Fred Millner