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Result of garbage, in, garbage out
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I am responding to the crazy letter written by Scott McComas regarding gun safety and believers/non-believers.  The glaring problem with McComas’s letter is that it has too much common sense.  Every sane person in America, and I mean every sane person, wants to stop school shootings.  The problem is as a culture we want to turn to laws like we were in the old show “The Rifleman” where the sheriff collects all guns and safety will ensue. However the bad guys always get weapons and it’s up to the citizens to get their guns back and put a stop to the madness.  
I am a believer and a non-gun owner who also believes in the 2nd Amendment.  I know it’s hard to believe because the media and Hollywood would have us believe that all conservative Christians are gun toting morons.  But rights like the 2nd Amendment are what makes America a great country to live in.  
Our culture does not look at what we have allowed our young minds to consume over the last 30 years (the last 18 have been on steroids) with video games, TV /movies and music.  My mother used to tell my sister and I, “garbage in, garbage out.”  But with the endless time we allow our children to consume violent media, what else should we be expecting?
 On this earth we will not be able to rein this in until we stop attacking the one true God.  We are called to love.  Even Christians are not perfect at it but we do strive to be better.  Laws and rules are the go to after tragedies, and I do understand why as my heart breaks for those families that fall victim to the evil acts that are happening at an accelerated rate.  But we should be looking up for answers, not to our elected leaders who are in charge of fixing roads and hiring law enforcement.  When we are fighting evil, the only way to conquer is with good.  The God who created and loves us unconditionally wants us to rely upon him and his goodness.  Until as a nation we acknowledge that, we will continue to bicker and fight.  In this life I believe that we will never be without tragedy or inexplicable evil.  But when we need comfort and help, I agree with McComas that our help comes from the Lord Jesus.  True comfort will come when we hit our knees and look to him for help.  
I fully anticipate being ripped for this letter and someone blasting it, that’s OK.  I love you anyway.   
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Matthew 7:12

Jeff Morrow