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Rick Arucan deserves being honored
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Editor, Manteca Unified,

After I retired from Manteca Unified in 1992, I spent a number of years substituting in the various high schools.  I was privileged to be able to spend many days at Sierra High, including many long term substitute jobs.  One of the first things I noticed was the school was better run and the morale was the best I had ever before witnessed.  In large part this was to the excellent leadership qualities of Rick Arucan.  In the many days and hours that I spent at the school, I never heard a disparaging remark about Mr. Arucan, nor did anyone ever question his decisions.  I noticed that there seemed to be a team effort in his approach, and not the typical power structure, which often sets the administration against the faculty.   He treated everyone with respect.  I did notice, however, that when a difficult decision came up in regard to having to deal with incompetent or immoral teachers, action was swift and decisive. 

A few weeks ago, I was going through my files and I ran across a letter from Mr. Arucan that thanked me for a long term library job that I had done.  I reread the letter and couldn’t help but think about what a class act this man is. 

To Mr. Arucan, whom we all addressed as “Rick,” enjoy the honor bestowed on you in the naming of the Frederick H. Arucan Administration Building.  You deserve it.

Joanne M. Miller