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Ricky Gill rattles off same old GOP agenda
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

More than a few statements stood out in the front page article in Wednesday’s Manteca Bulletin titled “SJ County native makes run for 9th Congressional,” Jan 18. The article covered the political aspirations of Ricky Gill who has thrown his hat in for the 9th Congressional District currently occupied by the popular three-term Democratic Congressman Jerry McNerney.

First of all, Mr. Gill rattles off the same old Republican agenda of what he perceives as needing a fix, a failing healthcare system, education reform and of course, jobs. Of course, just like other Republican candidates, he fails to provide just how he will accomplish these ambitious political goals. Just trust him, I assume. But hey, he is a Princeton grad and worked for the Kings and the A’s. Not exactly winning organizations but at least he didn’t claim to be the driving force behind Denver Bronco’s Tim Tebow.

Of course, he claims to have the support of Florida and South Carolina governors Jeb Bush and Nikki Haley (who he points out is a real live Indian-American) A term somewhat hated, I am told by a close Navajo childhood friend of mine from Arizona. My Navajo friend recently told me his people and all his friends of other tribes, prefer to be referred to by their Tribal affiliations. Not those labels imposed upon them by a government, whose history shows it has not exactly acted in the betterment of his people.

All this attention (two governors) seems to have gone to Mr. Gill’s head stating, “Democrats were starting to fear the momentum that he was building and had begun sending ‘operatives’ to videotape his campaign stops and public appearances to try to gain an edge.” Really, Mr. Gill? Operatives, really? Do I sense a bit of paranoia here or maybe a bit of delusions of grandeur? And just what would a video capture as a qualifying “edge”.?

All this apparent paranoia was enough to cause South San Joaquin President Frank Aquila to ban any video recording at the start of the night Mr. Gill made his appearance, at what seems to be, the apparent Republican gathering place, Chez Shari. I wonder if there is a secret handshake or some other secret gesture guests have to show before admittance. I further wonder if guests must give up their video-capable smart phones at the door? So much for political transparency loudly and repeatedly cried for by Republican leaders.

Mr. Gill further revealed his real agenda, not the things he started out as supporting like jobs, healthcare and education reform. No, what he said was “There’s a possibility to aspire – to push through – and to take something away from the other side this time around.” That’s it, the whole idea is not to attempt to ‘fix’ things, but to “take something away from the other side”. A bit shallow, don’t you think? Maybe a little sour grapes included in that meal at Chez Shari?

Larry Baca


Jan. 18, 2012