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Ripon Fire Measure A fire tax discriminatory
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Why make senior citizens living at Bethany Home pay twice as much as other Ripon residents? Senior citizens are on a fixed income and many of us will no longer be able to afford to live at Bethany. Measure A calls for double taxation of $250/year, for every room, apartment and cottage at Bethany where at least 75% of the units are occupied by only person. Compare that to the $125/year tax for single family homes that house many occupants.
I’ve lived at Bethany Home for 4 years and have been paying taxes for over 65 years. I have never personally called 911, but I know it’s a great service. To my knowledge there has never been a fire at Bethany Home. The Ripon ambulance and fire trucks are housed at 142 Stockton in Ripon (only 1.3 miles from my location). If there is an emergency at Bethany, a fire truck
with at least 2 firemen, several police cars and the ambulance arrive. A better emergency system would be a service for our residents which would include only what is needed, the ambulance.
For these reasons, I vote no on Measure A.

Dorothy Kroll