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Roads, public transit inadequate
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Dale Burnham, you are so right in your letter about the state finding money to help illegals but not to fix our roads.
And the more control we give to our state, the less control we have — therefore, we have less of what we need and want and more of what ‘the gov’ wants.  I believe our governor is into social planning — after all, the government knows best how to spend our tax dollars. The more control we give our government, on any and every level, the less control we have. Interstate 580 is still inadequate after the widening.  What will it be like in 10 years?  It is ironic to remember that President Eisenhower began the Interstate Highway system as an evacuation route in case of another war — especially in view of the fact we were entering the atomic bomb era. 
Along I-580 near the East Dublin and West Dublin BART stations, almost all the home building is of multiple dwelling housing - and there is a lot of it.  I imagine the plan in the governor’s mind is that all of these people will eventually take BART and not their cars.  And BART cars are overcrowded now.  My chant is that perhaps our governor, state employees and politicians should be required to ride public transportation.  I think things would change very rapidly.
Thank you for your letter.

Marie Evans