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Safeways sweetheart of a floral department
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
My wife’s maiden name is Valentine.
Every year she hosts a family reunion and potluck dinner and decorates the house in valentines.
This year she ordered a bouquet from the Safeway floral department.
I want to thank Safeway and the floral department, especially Pam, for such a wonderful job on the centerpiece.
Everybody was surprised that it came from a supermarket. They had never seen a bouquet as beautiful as that.
Again, I would like to thank Safeway and Pam for a wonderful job.
Robert Serpa

The dog park Taj Mahal
Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
If Manteca City council members Mike Morowit and Richard Silverman had something more important to talk about at the council meeting on Feb. 21 other than the dog park,  perhaps more people might attend meetings other than developers seeking special favors on certain projects.
After praising and glorifying the dog park, they should have proclaimed it the Taj Mahal of dog parks.
Perhaps the city should name it the Morowit-Silverman Dog Park.
Fred Millner