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Samuel Anderson should run for council not mayor
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin.

This is an appeal to Mr. Samuel Anderson to give up his attempt to be our mayor and run for a council seat instead.

I fully believe Mr. Anderson would work well as a council person. I personally would vote for him. We need smart people on the council, who would put spending in check and refrain from supporting developers with our taxes. We need to curb new housing development and flooding this city with concrete. We need infrastructure this council has failed to give us in eight long years in office. We need a council that would cancel out large warehouses that take up a lot of land and don’t provide a large contingency of workers to operate them. We need a council that would condense projects on a strict priority. Diversifying projects has a quick drain on our city assets.

We need a council that won’t give our taxes to private interests. There is a lot of work to be done, if we get the right people in office. Others just talk about getting Mr. Anderson to change, but I am the first to appeal to him to change his mind. Mr. Anderson pay attention to what bloggers are trying to tell you.

We need fresh ideas on the council, but we must have the controlling numbers, to implement change on the council.

Fleenor Richards
July 8, 2010