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Santa Cruz numbers dont back citys claim of less dog kills
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I read your article stating that “the lives of 1,700 dogs could be spared over the next 10 years if Manteca has the same success with a proposed mandatory spay and neutering ordinance such as the one Santa Cruz now has in place”.

Santa Cruz is often offered up as the model for success but the true numbers do not bear that out.  I have attached 3 documents that show shelter statistics, the failures of MSN, and one way to success without MSN.

I hope you consider that the “quick fix” that mandatory spay/neuter is not that at all.  Just look to the beleaguered Los Angeles Animal Control.  After adopting MSN just a few months ago, their personnel costs have skyrocketed, veterinary costs for citizens to spay/neuter have risen astronomically as it is now required, and huge numbers of animals are being turned in since low-cost clinics have been cut due to the budget crisis.

 Additionally, I find it interesting that the City Council would consider such an ordinance in light of the fact that both the Manteca Police Officers Association and the Manteca Police Employees Association sent letters in OPPOSITION of California Assembly Bill 1634 (Statewide Mandatory Spay/Neuter) less than two years ago.  

Jan Nielsen
April 6, 2009