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Save water, reduce number of new homes
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Has anyone given thought to reducing the number of new homes and apartment buildings in Manteca instead of reducing the amount of water?  

Each division of new homes is allocated a certain amount of water usage increasing the demand on the water supply for all of Manteca.  Perhaps, we could stop building new homes thereby allowing the water demand to catch up to the supply.  This is such a simple solution, let the supply meet the demand and then increase the amount of homes. Has anyone given any thought to upgrading the existing homes and business parks by the developers who seem so intent on covering every viable piece of acreage with buildings lessening the grounds ability to sustain what is here?  

Manteca has enough empty houses, pre-owned if you choose, to form another city and likewise for business parks.  The Indy building in our downtown business park has been empty and an eyesore for so long, people have just ignored it.  Could the real estate developers be convinced to upgrade some of the existing empty homes and industrial buildings with the same money they want to use to build new ones?  There are incentives that could be offered to a first-time buyer, e.g., lower tax rate for an agreed upon time and the money put into improvements as well as other incentives of which I am unaware.  We as a city, and remember we are the government, must insist on stopping the intent to create one big megalopolis from the Bay Area to all points north.


Sandra L Van Deventer