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Save water, violate Manteca codes
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Manteca Councilman Richard Silverman’s is all smiles standing in his front yard after a landscaping firm finished removing 600 square feet of grass that was replaced with drought resistant landscaping and rock. He says he is doing his part in the drought by replacing grass with rock.

No doubt this cost Silverman a lot of money but I’m sure his council salary will more than cover his expenses.

Silverman said he never likes to refer to himself as a politician but that is what he is — a politician.  Politicians speak with forked tongue. Silverman is no exception.

Another family in Manteca has also done extensive landscaping work to reduced water consumption. They are the John Griffen family. And for doing more than their fair share to reduce water use, they did not get a pat on the back or a thank-you from the city and code enforcement. Instead they got slapped with a code violation. Code enforcement says the Griffen yard is a safety issue. If that’s the case, I would be more than glad to show code enforcement at least 50 issues concerning “yard safety” all over Manteca.

Fred Millner