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Says Baca tried hard to spin every point he made but . . .
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

My wife and her family immigrated legally to America from Portugal and the families of many of my Hispanic friends also immigrated legally to America.  However, Larry Baca does not believe in legal immigration.  Baca believes in any immigration and supports the Democrat party to oppose securing our border and struggled to make any sense of his argument against my previous letter, “Baca responds to seven points by Aquila on wall, other issues”.  

1.  In Baca’s first point he blames the police for the murder of Officer Ronil Singh.  As an officer of 30 years, I take his point without any compassion knowing that Officer Singh is a brother to all officers and his death was needless.  Officer Singh came to America legally from Fiji.  Baca even had the audacity to blame the Stanislaus County Sheriff for the officers death, ignoring the sanctuary state law that hinders law enforcement from assisting ICE and interferes with ICE from doing their job.  Baca also goes on to state that only 300,000 aliens have come into America illegally.  I notice that Baca does not reference his statistics; but that figure came from a liberal source and the actual figure is really around 700,000 and has been reported as high as 1,000,000.  

2.     In Baca’s second point, he begins to mention hypocrisy, but never mentioned the numerous past quotes from Democrats in my letter to the Bulletin on January 14, 2019, “When it comes to the Wall Demo leaders are hypocrites”.  In that letter, I took direct quotes from Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi where each supported a barrier on the southern border.  Why do you suppose Baca ignored those quotes?   Poor Larry did not know what to say and actually ended his argument mentioning Supreme Court nominees?  What?  Was Baca trying to fill space to actually make people think he had something to say?

3.  In Baca’s third point, he calls my reference that the father refused medical treatment for a child who died in custody of Border Patrol a “blatant lie”.  Baca, there are stories all over the internet such as this from ABC news,  I would suggest that you should stop watching Fake News and get your facts correct.

4.  In Baca’s fourth point, he justifies returning $150 billion to the Terrorist State of Iran stating it is their money.  Again Baca misses my point.  The money was frozen for the reason of their terrorist activities; but the Democrats and apparently Baca had no problem providing the money to Iran and billions to other countries that hate America but not providing security to our own nation.

5.   In Baca’s fifth point, he is grasping once again undermining President Trump’s visit to the troops on Christmas since Trump didn’t serve in the military.  Baca even attempt to go after me for my lack of service not knowing my brother served in the Army and I nearly joined the Marines had I not been hired by Concord Police Department on August 1, 1988.  Apparently, according to Baca, President Trump, or any other president that didn’t serve in the military, should not have visited our troops.  But I never heard Baca complain about Obama’s visit of the troops since he didn’t serve.  Again, Baca is grasping.

6. In Baca’s sixth point, he suggests that we in California should pay the highest gas in the nation because of the cost of inflation.  Sure Baca.  

7. In Baca’s seventh point, Baca excuses that thousands of businesses have moved out of California due to the high taxes in the state since California is the fifth largest economy in the world.  What Baca does not realize, the only reason California has such a strong economy is because of Silicon Valley.  Without Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, California would be struggling.  And Baca, since California is such a power house economy in the world, why do we have such high taxes and such poverty throughout the state?  How come California was trying to tax texting and will be taxing water and increasing more taxes on gasoline and other services?  It is because Baca supports Socialism; but Socialism does not work.  It is because as more and more people leave California, there will be less money to support all those big government programs that Baca loves so much.  At that point Baca, you will see California in debt.

Baca, you have tried hard to spin every point but I would suggest that you stop watching Fake News CNN so you do not need to be reeducated.

Frank Aquila