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Says Denham unwilling to ‘face any & all voters’
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Any glowing description of Jeff Denham’s record (Wednesday letter by Linda Silverman, “Congressman Denham fights for his district”) as well as his meetings with his constituents should also consider other realities of his voting record and his unwillingness to face any and all voters in District 10.  Jeff Denham repeatedly voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, knowing that health care access of many in his district would lose vital health insurance to cover serious preventive as well as acute and long term medical care.  
In 2017 Denham said on “the Hill” (CSPAN) that he was not in favor of the American Health Care Act (ACHA) and then voted in May to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to pass ACHA that he had opposed one month earlier.  During the Obama Administration Denham called the then national debt ($18 trillion) “the biggest issue for the United States and a threat to the nation’s freedom, yet he voted for tax cuts which will increase the current deficit by an estimated $1.5 trillion more.  Who do you think is going to pay for those huge tax cuts for the rich and corporations?
If Denham is proud of his voting record and his willingness to face his constituents, why did he avoid meeting us face to face? Instead, he attended “safe” meetings with what he knew would be friendly groups. He ducked his constituents by conducting telephone town halls in order to control the content and the questions that would be asked about his voting record and his timing regarding his long wait to do anything about “dreamers.”
Jeff Denham has also been a silent supporter of Trump’s behavior in office.  His silence is deafening regarding Trump’s attacks on the FBI and the justice system, his attacks on civil rights, his constants lying, his creating a swamp that is one of the worst in our history, and his despicable views on how women should be treated.  If you agree this, then vote for him.

Mike Killingsworth