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Says GOP actions are similar to Nazi party
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
As a registered independent voter and a World War II veteran, I remember sitting near the radio and listening to the news. One of the top stories was of the purging of the Nazi party. It was very similar to the ones going on now in the Republican Party.

As I got older, I became aware the Nazis were going to great lengths to destroy faith in the central government. Much like the Republicans are doing now.

Later, Hitler was voted Chancellor of Germany. Was the Nazi party satisfied with this? No! Hitler declared himself the fuehrer (leader) and dismissed the federal government.

They broke all the Jewish people’s windows and took what they wanted i.e. money, jewels and other valuables. This is very close to what the Republican Party is doing now smashing Democratic Party windows!

Hitler and his right wing party members went on invading other countries and looting their art treasures and wealth!

When I became of age and with millions of other faithful Americans and my neighbors went to stop him and his out of control party. Americans left thousands and thousands of white crosses all the way from the French coast to Berlin, including thousands in Africa.

Do you want this to happen here? Did we not learn from the past? We destroyed the German right wing party. Do we really want this to happen here in America?
Freddy L. Hensley
March 30, 2010