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Says Measure D is about greed, pure and simple
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

What is Measure D?

 Measure D: “Shall an ordinance be adopted to allow a member of the Board of Supervisors and the County Board of Education to serve three (3) terms of office rather than two (2) terms as currently allowed by law and that this three (3) term limit be a lifetime restriction on the number of terms a person can serve on these on these boards.”

In 1998 term limits were established which limited supervisors and members of the county Board of Education to two terms in office. The County Supervisors who support Measure D contend that “it will give voters an opportunity to retain the leadership that has guided the county well during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” Why don’t they really say that at the present time their yearly income as County Supervisor is $132,000 plus or minus and that if they can get a three year term established they will retire with pension and other benefits at approximately $500,000. It has nothing to do with their leadership, just their greed for money

This year’s Measure D asks San Joaquin County Voters to extend the time that can be served by the County Supervisors from two terms (8 years) to three terms (12 years.) Notably, the extended terms would apply to current supervisors, and the four supervisors who approved the measure for the ballot would be eligible for a third term if voters give Measure D their nod of approval.

The Record states that the proponents (the 4 supervisors who placed it on the ballot and are spending almost $100,000 of our tax dollars to do so) claim that the county business is too complex to learn and be effective in only 8 years, which they have now. The state of California is much more complex and our state Assembly members are limited to 6 years and our state Senators are limited to 8 years.


Dorthy Mack
Oct. 27, 2012