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Says Sheriff unfairly denies gun permit
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Sheriff Steve Moore is trying to put me out of business.

After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor I enlisted in the Marines and served my country as a combat machine gunner fighting on 19 jungle islands. I returned to the U.S. and went to college in Grand Rapids, Mich., worked in a gas station and served as a special deputy sheriff there. After I received my first college degree in 1951, I taught school. Later, as a reserve Marine, I was called to duty again to serve my country during the Korean War.

During the Vietnam War I was in college and working as a deputy sheriff when I tried to enlist in the Marines but was rejected because of my age. The California Army National Guard accepted me, commissioned me as an officer, and I helped train and prepare young men going to Vietnam.

My family and I settled in Manteca where I taught elementary and high school as well as working a school administrator. I served on the Manteca City Council for four years. While living in Manteca for over 40 years not only was I an educator but I served in the Manteca Police detective division as a follow-up aide to committed crimes. 

For approximately 30 years I qualified for a concealed weapon permit in Michigan and California. I needed it because I traveled all over the state carrying large sums of money on my person to buy and sell long guns and boats that I did as a side business. Furthermore, I received a phoned, non-identifiable death threat that was followed up two weeks later by a person threatening me great bodily harm because I would not lower the price of a boat he wanted to buy. I did report these threats and they are a matter of record but Steve Moore gave them no importance.

When Moore because sheriff he refused to renew my license and in subsequent meetings with him demanded more than the law requires. He brought up issues concerning my divorce. My attorney submitted a letter to Moore stating that there were no issues of violence nor harm of any kind. It was about money. He demanded letters of recommendation, (my credit score is 878), all of my business spread sheets of income and debits, pictures of my boats current and sold, and injected into his requirements the fact that the gun on my hip would not act as a deterrent to a bad guy intent on taking my boat or money. I asked him if that was so then why did he carry a gun on his hip? His answer: This meeting is over.

When I questioned Moore about his negative attitude toward me he responded that he as the sheriff and he alone had the authority to issue CCW permits.

For no reason, Moore put me out of business.

I have never done anything bad nor received more than a speeding or parking ticket. I am going to do everything possible to do the same to Moore that he did to me.

I am working very hard putting up signs and talking to all of my friends to see that Sgt. Deputy Sheriff Pat Withrow is selected sheriff on June 3.


Al Mezzetti