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Scare tactics gone wild
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Everyone is or should be aware of the use of Right Wing Scare Tactics and why they are so successful. One only has to read the latest contribution from Mr. Frank Aquila (Have we forgotten Sept. 11, 2001?) Aug. 25.

Mr. Aquila is well known as a cut and paste guru, of course only from Right Wing sources. The latest is no exception, see:  The site name says it all, doesn’t it? Anyway, the site lists all these attacks Frank is so excited about.

Makes you wonder why Frank just didn’t include the site link(s) and save the readers a whole lot of time, and looking at the print space used, maybe save a tree or two.

Most of those attacks listed were in foreign countries, I suppose we should have stopped those as well? Just how? Maybe send troops, never mind that said countries might object, after all, after 9/11 would we have objected to say, Germany sending troops to catch the bad guys?

Frank makes several claims that are just not true, for example, Frank claims the word “terrorism” is not to be used in the Obama Administration, is a blatant lie. Frank, please show us the White House directive! The term “man-made disasters had its origin during the Bush Administration. Frank, show us that directive! The same rhetoric is repeated over and over again, scare tactics gone wild.

Frank makes another claim that ranks right up there with the rest. Guantanamo has 245 “hardened terrorists”! Not true. The fact is, we don’t know how many real terrorists are housed there, most of them haven’t even stood trial. I am amazed he didn’t claim Obama was going to let them all loose on American streets. Actually I think he or some other fringe member has said exactly that and more on these very pages.

Frank also defends torture as a good old American pastime, or that it should be, if we really want to be safe and if we don’t use torture or allow the government to listen in on anyone’s phone calls, we will all suffer for it. Scare Tactics 101. The sad truth is, more than a few people who should know better, believe every word.

Hey did you see that picture of Frank? Now that’s scary! Just kidding Frank, but lose the hat, ok?
Larry Baca
Aug. 26, 2009