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School board should give up health benefits for parttime job
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I cannot help but to notice how Wendy King & Co. (With who else?) overbuilt during that “20 hours a week”/part-time job with health insurance included. Constructing a three story office building without proper hookups is not legal, and building a new high school without proper hookups lost in some shady deal involving sewage, and also forgetting the sidewalks?

This one is worthy of investigation as well, but how about the less need for Nile Garden School since Veritas School was built? There is more, and it is as if this board, with the help of others, was anticipating the City of Manteca (Just this one municipality, mind you.) to exceed the 3.9% growth cap which, again, would be illegal. Maybe we will all just forget come re-election time?

I feel that this board with such ill decision making should sacrifice the most, and what is it about getting health insurance in this part time job, anyway? I want to see a time card from this one that wrote that she spends “easily 20 hours a week” at this position when, at the same time, claiming to make the deals for these questionable projects on her time.

 At least stop “double dipping!” Thank you for reading this letter since you did not “listen” to it.

Richard Michael McDonnell
Manteca, CA 95336
March 22, 2009