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Scuffy appreciates Manteca dog park
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I am writing this letter in response to Mr. Duran’s letter complaining about the new dog park.
My Dad is 71 and also a veteran. One of his many effects from Vietnam is PTSD. I know that spending time with me really helps him. When he takes me to the dog park I can run around and play with other dogs and he can relax and talk to the other people there. I don’t go there just to poop. But when I do he picks it up as do the other people do for their dogs.
We live in a senior mobile home park and I don’t have much of a yard I can run around in. I thank Manteca very much for their dog park.
And last, I want to tell Mr. Duran not to get a dog as he suggested. A dog would give him unconditional love and I don’t think he would know how to return it.
Scuffy Anderson