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She appreciates Good Samaritan
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I hope you will put my letter in your paper so I can say thank you to someone who helped me. Let me explain why.

On Aug. 28 when I came home from work, I work for McParland School, I had a phone call from Theresa at Manteca Optometric Eye Care here in town. As I had taken my husband recently for a checkup I thought it was about his bill. So much to my surprise, she told me someone had gone in and paid for me to get new glasses, but she couldn’t tell me who as they had asked her not to.

My husband and I are both on MediCal, and they won’t pay for new glasses.

So needless to say, I am touched and very grateful to this person for their generous act of kindness in these hard times for everyone.

Again, thank you, whoever you are and I hope someday I can pay it forward.
Sandra Holloway
August 29, 2009