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Shooters include believers & non-believers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
How nice for Scott McComas (Bulletin letter, March 3) that he can divide the world into two realities, believers and non-believers, and that if everyone was a believer then all would be solved.  Should McComas care to check the statistics and facts he would find that the mass shootings we have had, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Orlando, San Bernardino, etc., etc. have been perpetrated by individuals who are non-believers as well as equally by believers of all different faiths.  I will not get into a religious debate, however, I will say that being a “believer” is no guarantee against evil.  It has been my experience that many “believers” seem to pick and choose when and which of the 10 commandments they want to obey.  
As for the 2nd Amendment, it was written 242 years ago and the times were much different.  In those days you needed a gun for food and protection against wild animals as well as the rogue Native American or intruders (which were not as prevalent as the movies would lead you to believe).  I do not think our forefathers could have foreseen the world we live in today.  Being the intelligent and forward thinking people they were, I believe if they were here today they would amend the 2nd Amendment for the sake of our children and country.
A few statistics about non-terrorism gun deaths in the United States:
 1.  Gun deaths kill about as many people as car accidents (not counting vans, trucks, motorcycles, or buses)
2.  No other rich western country comes close to U.S. in gun homicides (ratio-wise)
3.  U.S. gun deaths are 6 times greater than Canada (the next highest) 
4.  Only 2 countries exceed U.S. number of gun deaths not related to war or terrorism, El Salvador and Mexico
5.  Most mass shooters have never been treated for, seen for, or diagnosed with mental illness
I find it very hard to accept schools banning children from bringing backpacks, having metal detectors, having “safe” rooms, having “active shooter” drills, having armed guards, and having teachers armed with guns.  It sounds more like a prison than school. 
No one needs to have any kind of assault weapon except our military and law enforcement.  Our government needs to look to those countries that have successfully reduced gun violence and put the same safeguards in place for our children and people; and do it now not later. 

Sandra Ahrens