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Shooting: A war on Christians?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Having considered the source, I have ignored the previous three letters from “Your Views” contributor, Frank Aquila.

I think by now everyone is aware the writer lives in an extremely thick bubble where nothing that resembles and hint of reality can possibly escape. His latest submission (“Shooter also targeted Christians”) June 23, is a prime example.

The author once again tries in vain to light up his Batman logo on the dark skies over Gotham City, warning of the war on Christians that only he, Fox News and the Extreme Right Wing including a few of the Republican presidential contenders, (Seemingly suffering from the same delusions), seem to think everyone should recognize as a threat based on reality. After all, the shooting by Dylann Roof, the self proclaimed white nationalist, neo-confederate could not have been racially motivated because the people he shot were Christians. Never mind that in a photograph on a website, he held the Confederate flag, the heritage of hate and racism, and displayed the defeated white-supremacist governments in Africa on his Facebook page and after sitting in the famous Black Church for over an hour, stood up, made racially offensive remarks and opened fire, killing the black people he had previously said he intended on killing. Not to mention he was a Christian himself.

Speaking of that Confederate Battle flag, I wonder why the author didn’t mention that this flag was flying at full staff, while the State and American Flag were at half staff at the State House grounds? Are we to assume the author supports the flying of this emblem of racism on State House grounds?  Is this really OK with him?

This racist terrorist act was actually part of the war on Christians, suggests the author. Something the media may want to cover up by focusing on race, he further suggests. The beheading of Christians by ISIS and other Muslim terrorists organizations is further proof of that war, while the media says nothing, he complains. I wonder how he found out this news if the media “Says nothing”?? I also wonder why he omits the fact that these same organizations are killing other Muslims in the same fashion. In fact, many more Muslims have met this end than Christians, many, many more. How does he come to the conclusion that this is only a war on Christians?

I suppose, to the author, the reaction to this atrocity by many to renew gun control policies will be further proof of the War on Christians. The delusions never end in that bubble, do they?

Larry Baca