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Silvermans: Debby Moorhead deserves another term
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

As the Manteca City Council race heats up, I would like to add my opinion. Here in Manteca, we have a wonderful city that has been well run, that is not now and has not ever been in danger of bankruptcy.  There have been council decisions that some of us agree with and others that some of us disagree with but overall, the city is in good shape. There is no evidence of any wasteful and irresponsible spending of taxpayers’ funds like in Sacramento and Stockton.

 We have people like Debby Moorhead to thank for the great way Manteca has weathered the economic downturn. Debby has proven her ability to govern based on her record and that of the city in her four years on the council. Debby has demonstrated the spirit to do what is best for all of us and expresses her opinions in a forthright manner.  She listens, she carefully considers and only then, with common sense, due diligence and respect, she votes.  She deserves another term and I urge the readers to vote for Debby and keep Manteca moving forward, with fiscal responsibility and integrity.

Richard and Linda Silverman
Oct. 11, 2012