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Simoni doesnt back up points with facts or logic
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
James Simoni’s letter (June 22, 2009) is an example of the low level of argumentation recently seen in the letters section of the Manteca Bulletin.

Mr. Simoni makes a series of statements which he does not back up by facts or logic. He simply expects us to accept his opinions as the truth.

Here are some of the unsupported statements which flow out of his Monday diatribe:

1. Larry Baca is a “loudmouth”.

2. Democrats are “RATS”.

3. Democrats are communists.

4. Larry Baca is opposed to all religion.

5. God’s favorite “country” is Israel (Simoni  spells it “Isreal”.).

6. President Obama wants to “give back” Israel to those who hate it.

7. Larry Baca doesn’t have or read the Bible.

Some of these statements may be true or partially true, but James Simoni offers no proof – no facts, no logical argument, no references – he just states his infallible opinions and expects us readers to believe him.

By the way, if Simoni is the profound Bible reader he claims to be, one might think he would have picked up the correct spelling of ISRAEL after all these years.
 Roger Falge
June 23, 2009