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Slow traffic on Main sends cars on to side streets
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
What you say is correct if it’s only about saving time (Dennis Wyatt column: “Saving 45 seconds in travel time can cost big time”) but there’s more to it than simply saving time.

If you lived on the side streets such as Maple you would notice that a lot of Main Street southbound traffic goes down Alameda and turns on Maple as an example to cut over to Center to avoid the slow-down on Main Street, and in doing so it puts a lot of traffic in the residential area that would not be there if Main Street moved along a little faster.

Sometimes at the stop sign on Maple at the corner of West North the cars will be three to five deep waiting to cross North. All that traffic, or, a lot of it would stay on Main Street if the traffic moved along at a better pace.

I hope this sheds a new light on the subject. Love your column. Keep up the good work.
Jim Hewitt
Jan. 19, 2010