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Some have more opinions than they really need
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I want to thank Mr. Baca for taking time from his busy schedule from all the good things he must be doing for the people of Manteca, to read and respond to my letter to the Bulletin. On November 16, 1966, I volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army, and swore to defend the very right of free speech we all enjoy today even Mr. Baca’s. Opinions are just that - an opinion. Everyone has at least one.  

After reading the paper Friday, it seems some of us have more than we really need. As long as we seek the truth and have the facts at hand to back up what we say then we can say what we want or, we have an opinion.

So, Mr. Baca, if you are wondering where this will go with me, I’m going to Johnny’s to have my coffee or ice tea with no lemon, have a good laugh with my friends, and just consider the source. And if you should miss me at Johnny’s the next time, I’ll leave you an Origami napkin folded like a chicken - all four of them.

 Have a nice day.
 Gary J. Duran
Sept. 11, 2009