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Some questions for Manteca council candidates
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Residents of Manteca who have chosen to run for City Council deserve a lot of our praise and thanks for being willing to serve us all. They decided by running for public office to take responsibility and spend their free time helping to plan and direct the City’s future. Congratulations to our local candidates! You are courageous people!

City Council candidates must now convince voters if they are to be elected that they are the best person for the job who will place the interests of the people who live and work here first and foremost. Voters need to know where candidates stand on important issues. I respectfully suggest to you readers that the voting public can help themselves by asking candidates among other things a few questions.

1. What is their position on raising City taxes, fees and/or charges during these tough financial times?

2. What will they do to encourage, support, and promote the growth of businesses and well- paying jobs in the community?

3. What steps will they take or policies will they promote to keep our community safe?

4. How will they promote having a fiscally sound and responsible City government?

5. Who are the contributors to their campaigns? What is a candidate expected to do for the contributions they receive?

6. Will they listen to you as residents and/or business owners and operators when you bring matters of importance and concern to City government and ask for their help?

7. Can you trust them to put the interests of the people of the community first and foremost in their deliberations?

8. Will they run a clean and positive campaign based on the issues?

9. What is their ultimate vision for the City as a place to live and work?

I hope that this simple advice is of value to your fine readers. I wish candidates for City Council success, because to a large extent the fate of the community rests in their hands. I hope that all eligible residents vote and make their voices heard this November.


David M. Jinkens


Aug. 21, 2012