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Sounds like freedom of choice for Catholic workers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Two items in the Manteca Bulletin Opinion page caught my eye:

1. (“Obama essentially decrees that Catholics can’t be Catholics”) by Dennis Wyatt.

Wyatt states he does not agree 100% with the church’s doctrine. Well, guess what, most Catholics don’t agree 100% with the church’s doctrine either, birth control included. Raised as a Catholic in a predominantly Catholic town and state, I can tell you, birth control wasn’t a foreign concept.

The issue stems from a ruling that has been around awhile and was just extended to church-linked organizations, such as hospitals, schools and universities. The ruling simply requires most of these organizations offer their workers birth control coverage as part of their health plan.

Hardly a move to “gut the 1st Amendment”, cause the Church to “shut its doors” or compare it to King Henry VIII who broke away from the Church to start his own gig. King Henry VIII wasn’t the only guy to do that, every other Christian religion did the same, right? So now Obama wants his own gig?

There are about 55 million Catholics in the U.S, many are minorities. Most Catholics tend to vote Democrat, especially minorities, do you really think Obama would purposely alienate all these voters in an election year? By the way, Gingrich blamed Romney for doing the same with Romneycare.

Sounds like freedom of choice to me. It doesn’t mean workers are required to use birth control, just that it be available to them as a health benefit offered to others. It doesn’t change anything other than financial help. It certainly won’t make them abandon their faith.

2. (“Obama courts the glitz elite”) by Brent Bozell. Most know about the Right Wing Bubble, a creation of their own making, apparently to form an isolation chamber as protection from world realities. We see it used repeatedly when ridiculous statements about Obama’s “real identity” filter through the bubble. Apparently this happens when they bounce around inside the bubble, gaining so much momentum that they form a gas, leaking out into the real world. (A source of global warming?).

Here the gas swirls around Obama and the Rich Hollywood elite. Why, because he has held fundraisers with wealthy Hollywood types. Bozell lists big donations and exclusive event locations, complaining, jealously it seems, about being “incessantly reminded” how well Obama sang two lines from Al Green’s soul classic “Let’s Stay Together”. Now a U-TUBE classic, along with Mitt’s own entry. Can you spell SNL?

“Hollywood wants to influence legislation designed to maximize profits”. Really? And corporations backing Mitt or Newt don’t? Bozell explains Hollywood wants help with the “Stop Online Piracy Act” then blows that theory when he admits Obama declared he could not support the bill. So it seems Bozell’s argument is why does Obama court the rich?

 So Mitt and Newt don’t court the rich? Bozell would have us believe they hold their fundraisers at a 7-Eleven or some taqueria in Ripon. If you think that escaping gas smells funny, it does.

Larry Baca
Feb. 5, 2012