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SSJID, not Manteca should handle groundwater
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I am a Manteca home owner and have been working in the water business for 10 years now. This is a very important subject, but the city will not tell me what to do with my well that I paid to have drilled, no way.
It is my very strong opinion that the City of Manteca should join forces with South San Joaquin Irrigation District, they know what they are doing, have the money to prove it and have been around longer than most.
Was there any talk of ground water injection? Or treated wastewater by distilling or storage of waste water via ponds then treated? I think Manteca wastewater treats a few million gallons a day.
Or how about storm water treatment or storage? One last idea to get water in the ground, there are alleyways in Manteca that should not be paved over, rock or road base would be much better, so the water that does fall from the sky can get into the ground.

Chris Lee