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SSJID suffers but south state doesnt
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

 Thanks for all your editorials on the water situation. You are a big help.

How can the irrigation district with pre 1914 water rights have to cut off all water (100%) to Mountain House while those two huge cannels run 24/7 to supply Rancho Santa Fe with water from the Stanislaus River (at least some of the water pumped south is from the Stanislaus) with inferior water rights?

The surface water from the Stanislaus that South San Joaquin Irrigation District has will be sent south to Southern California by the state if we do not stop them. That surface water that is used locally keeps the aquifer healthy and the water table higher as the farmers and cities pump less and flood irrigation recharges the aquifer.

That surface water is used by both city and rural residents and when its gone pumping will greatly increase. That will cut off all surface supply to the cities of Manteca, Tracy and Lathrop and force them to dig more wells and pump more and in the process damage the quantity and quality of the water below.  Now is the time for the all the leaders and residents of this area to voice their concerns before we find ourselves with no surface water from our own local rivers and aquifers that cannot support us.

Remember that the water coming down the Stanislaus for environmental purposes that the farmers and cities in its natural drainage area cannot have, is pumped to Southern California ( at least a portion of it ) as soon as it reaches the Delta.

Richard Dolezal