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SSJOD director Dale Kuil is a champion of local water rights
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The election is upon us. Many issues face our community and state. One of the most important is the issue of water – both as to water rights and supply.

All are sorry to have lost Manteca’s water savior, Alex Hildebrand. However, I see another champion in SSJID incumbent director, Dale Kuil.

I believe that Dale Kuil will fight for our local water rights and preserve those rights for the community and for our important ag industry.

Without water, we will have no community, no growth, and most important, we will have no food production and the jobs that accompany that production.

Dale’s slogan says it best “Our water – our future.”

It is my hope that you will support Dale Kuil’s campaign for re-election as SSJID director.

Bill Harris
October 8, 2012