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Standing up for Scott Tolman
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
I was surprised to see the remark made by Fred Millner regarding Scott Tolman and his appearance before the Manteca City Council that was published in the Opinion section. 
Scott Tolman is a 17-year old young man who has represented this city and Sierra High School throughout California and recently at the US Olympic Trials and has done so with strong character and extreme humbleness. The people of this city have enjoyed watching and reading about this young man’s achievements.
 I was impressed to watch him stand before our council and speak so confidently for a cause he believes in.  We should all hope that the youth of this city would respond similarly for what they believe and act as professionally and mature before the leaders of the city. Mr. Millner, congratulations for finding the one error in the young man’s presentation.  You’re a very astute and apparently crass individual.  In your letter, you put quotations around the “superstar swimmer” in referring to Scott.  Take the quotations away because if you were truly as wise and informed as you pretend to be, you would know those words are just a fraction of the ways to describe what Scott Tolman has achieved and the humbleness by which he carries himself.  He is a role model for all local athletes, both in the way they play their sport and also in how they live their lives. 
So, Mr. Millner, you can have your title that you claim as Lincoln Park Historian.  However, Scott Tolman has earned his title as Superstar Swimmer and I applaud him standing up as a youth leader and local hero of this community to help bring an Aquatic Center to Manteca.

Tom Angove