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State ignoring laws of the land
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
At least one California city is standing up against our state by not accepting sanctuary status along with the state.  I wish more of our cities would do that.  Since we are just going along with the idea of a ‘sanctuary state’ and not cooperating with our country, what is to stop them from no longer giving us the help we get from our government?
 I believe there is certain to be some backlash if this continues.  What if we wake up one morning and we are no longer recognized or helped by our country?  I am not sure that could be done but I am fairly positive something could and will be done if this anarchy continues.
I have no objection to legal immigrants at all.  In fact, my grandparents were emigrants — no shame in that, our country is built upon them.  We are all immigrants except the Indians who at one time  also immigrated from other places according to scientists; before this land was claimed by anyone to object.  It is also the history of the world like it or not.  Sometimes, it is caused by war; sometimes by changes that were once conducive to human life and because of changes in climate, disease or invasion, were no longer livable for the inhabitants.  Our world is always in a state of flux — climate and otherwise. 
I believe everyone should come in legally or we will not be a nation, legal or illegal. This is not a healthy situation for any of us. It is the path to anarchy which historically has not been pretty or good for any but the powerful.
In our modern world, we have divided into countries in order to survive. There are laws in order (in the American case) to protect our people and run an orderly state because of our forward-looking founding fathers (I am sorry there were no’ founding mothers’ but we are here now).  I have family members, young working people (who have taken it upon themselves to work and educate themselves and are all taxpayers and law-abiding) who are considering a move out of this state and it is my understanding that they are not alone but many young people are considering other states and maybe not just younger people — they are not interested in living in a state that does not acknowledge the laws of the land nor do they obey them.  I realize all illegals are not criminals but some are and do not follow our laws as they once did.  I think the responsibility for all of this lies with our state and its decision to rebel, the invasion of illegals from any country is just the result of decisions made by our California state decision-makers beginning with Governor Brown who lives aloof with others of his status from the problems the rest of us face from his decisions.

Marie Evans