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Statistics show were going down wrong road
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
The expression “statistics don’t lie but liars use statistics” has been tossed about over the last few months.  Probability and statistics is the least popular course that are recommended for college students.  Engineering, some programming, and economics students are required to take this course.  Very few colleges offer higher level coursework in statistical analysis.  Most people learn through on-the-job training, which is the most unreliable method of learning.

Even CSU-Stanislaus does not offer a graduate level course and only one undergrad course.  Yet there are all these writers that profess that they can uniquely interpret statistical information correctly.  One area of analysis is trending and the cause and effect of those trends.  I have written in the past about this and pointed out that the current trends support that this country’s problems are rooted in the philosophies Democrats push.  Several Democrat writers stated that I am in denial of reality and then go on to provide facts and interpret the “statistics” to support their claim.  

Mr. Baca provided some statistics that support my claim, Democrats are causing America problems.  He stated that since September 2005 the number of people registering in California has grown and is up two percentage points.  I agree with him on that number, in fact it is clear to the blindest observer that this trend is true across the nation.  I would say that since 2002 this has been the trend.  Since 2006 the Democrats have gained control of the political system.  As we moved toward the Democrats’ philosophy, America has had an increase in problems.  

During the elections, the Democrats stated many times they tried to stop this financial meltdown but were thwarted by the Republicans.  Obama even stated that he tried to stop this from happening.  In 2006 the Democrats gained control of Congress, why did they not stop the problem back then?  I did not hear any Democrats calling for fixing the financial markets until the elections started.  Why did they not fix it before the elections and stop this recession from happening?  The melt down started in early 2007.  They had the chance then but took no action.  How well off were you during 2007?  They took no action during 2008.  Were you better off during this time or were you waiting for them to get into office completely so you could be even better off in 2009?  Those of you, who are better off now than in the past two years, thank the Democrats for helping you.  The Democrats hung America out to dry just so they could get into power.  Now they want everyone to come together to solve these issues. Where were they from 2005 – 2009?  

When our local Democrats write back and tell you that I am from the fourth dimension, ask them why they were silent while this financial mess was growing and could have been stopped.  They said many times they recognized this trend and tried to stop it.  Ask them why they failed to fix it as their power grew?  Over the past several years, Frank Aquila, myself as well as others have been screaming through our letters that America is moving in the wrong direction and is going to have problems.  During the 2004 election period, the Democrats asked “are you better off now or before Mr. Bush got into office?”  The last four years of Mr. Bush’s term, America had an unemployment rate average of 5.14%.  Now we have 8.5%.  From 2007 the unemployment rate started increasing and the Democrats did nothing to stop this financial mess they claimed to know about as early as 2003.  I have provided information to show they facilitated keeping the financial mess going through the support of Freddie and Fannie.  The voters that moved in the direction of the Democrats did not heed these warnings.  The change in political power trend started in 2002 and America has paid the price by allowing Democrats to push their philosophy on America .  I ask you Democrats, why did you hang America out to dry, especially since you claimed to know that Republicans were going in the “wrong” direction?  You claimed to be fixing this country, but look where the trend has taken us.
Scott McComas
April 24, 2009